Hardwood products

PANON offers wide variety of hardwood products sourced from forests of Croatia and region, focusing mainly on oak, beech and ash, but also offer other species as required. Products offered are of standardized dimensions, but we also can source required products in specific dimensions, process quality and grade. We also offer special hardwood products for specific applications such as resilient flooring and wood finish products. We are a FSC certified company, and are a part of Chain of Custody program for forest management and sustainability.

Boules and sawn timber

Our sown hardwood timber is produced from preselected logs, using cutting edge saw technology, in a wide variety of dimensions. If quality and board stability is important for your production, then boule flitches might be the ideal choice. Boules are made from carefully selected and graded logs with matching grain and colour. We have a wide range of available dimensions for both boules and sawn timber, and can deliver custom orders, as well as fresh or steamed timber with required moisture content.

Solid glued panels

Solid glued panels fall in the category of engineered wood. They are produced by joining appropriate wood elements, producing composite boards of exceptional mechanical properties. This material is used in widest array of applications: from furniture making to architectural projects. We offer many different grades and dimensions of solid glued panels, and can supply products made to specifications.

Veneer and top layers

Top layers offer a more practical surface to solid wood, but doesn’t compromise on the innovative design and authentic luxurious finish. Depending on purpose, you can choose to use either top layer or veneer; compared to solid wood, primary advantage of veneer usage is its stability. Solid wood is prone to warping and splitting, while veneer applied in thin layer to base material, so the risk of cracking or splitting is reduced. We offer a wide variety of top layers and veneers for all uses and purposes.

Thermo treated elements

High-temperature thermal modification enhances the versatility of  hardwood products. Depending on the process, it changes colour and character of the wood by varying degrees, also making it highly resistant to weather, wear and tear and dimensionally stable. Thermo treated wood that we offer is produced without the use of chemicals, and is available in a wide amount of different shapes and dimensions.

Product inquiry

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